Askari Asset Allocation Fund
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Investment Objective :
To invest in top quality companies with a view to achieve Total Returns of Risk Free + 4% (CAGR) over a rolling period of three years using market price volatility to our advantage.

Strategy :
In line with our unique philosophy, the Asset Allocation Fund does not track the Stock Index as a benchmark, instead the strategy works towards measured goals, and allows the investor to build and follow an objective, i.e. earn Risk Free + 4% (CAGR) on a rolling period of 3 years. This philosophy makes the investment, 'Objective Based'. The strategy calls for investments in fundamentally stable companies and uses market volatility to its advantage.

Why Invest in this Fund :
  • Fund aims to provide target return of Risk Free + 4% (CAGR) over a 3 years horizon under all market conditions.
  • The fund thrives on structured investment strategies eliminating any human sentiments of greed and fear.
  • It provides an ideal investment platform for investors targeting returns better than fixed income instruments and lower risk than equity securities.
  • The fund by design uses market volatility to its advantage, buying when valuations are attractive and sell when risks are high.




Mr. Salman Badami, ACCA
Fund Manager
Askari Asset Allocation Fund

Mr. Badami has been associated with AIML as AVP – Fund Management since July 2016 and currently, managing equity portfolio of funds and SMAs. He started his career from HBL Asset Management in the capacity of Research Analyst in 2011 and later joined Topline Securities. Subsequent to Topline Securities, Mr. Badami served at Bank AL Habib – Investment Banking as Senior Financial Analyst and later joined Al–Baraka Bank (Pakistan) Limited – Capital Market as Equity Portfolio Manager. Mr. Badami is an ACCA Member and MBA (Finance) from Iqra University. He also holds BSc (Hons) degree from Oxford Brookes University, England. Presently, he is enrolled with CFA and GARP Institute. He has also attended professional training on Financial Modeling from IBA, Karachi. He is also a Member of the Investment Committee (IC) of the Allocation and Equity funds.

 Investment Committee Members:

Saqib Mukhtar   CEO
Mustafa Kamal   CIO / COO
Mustafa Iqbal   Head of Research
Adeel Shahid   CFO (Acting)
Faiz ul Sultan   Research Analyst - Equities

Minimum Investment   5,000.00
Sales Load   Up to 2.5% Front End
Up to 2.5% Back End
Management Fee   2.0%
Fund Performance Ranking   1 Year - 2 Star, 3 Year – 3 Star, 5 Year - 5 Star by JCR-VIS
Management Co,Rating   AM3+ (Stable Outlook) by JCR-VIS
Pricing Mechanism   Forward
Bench Mark   50% KSE-30 Index + 50% 6 Months KIBOR
Dealing day and cutoff times   Monday-Friday 9:00am to 4:30pm

Fund type   Open- End
Category   Asset Allocation Fund
Fund Launch Date   September 10,2007
Risk   Moderate
Trustee   Central Depositary Company of Pakistan Ltd. (CDC)
Auditors   KPMG Taseer Hadi & Co.
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