Askari Sovereign Cash Fund
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Investment Objective :
The objective of the Fund is to provide investors a money market instrument with high level of liquidity, stability in earning and very high level of credit. The Fund will target to deliver rolling returns closer to a mix of Treasury Bills (70%) + Bank Deposits (30%) - fund expenses on short term basis.

Strategy :
The Fund would AIM to achieve top quartile performance in its category by active fund management. i.e. shifting between T-Bills / Rev-Repo / Bank deposits, actively managing the duration and capitalizing on any market inefficiencies with the help of interest rate view based investment.

Why Invest in this Fund :
  • ACF can be used as an instrument of choice for higher net of tax earnings.
  • ACF is ideal for investors looking for stability of principal, high level of liquidity and a very low level of interest/credit risk.
  • ACF offers periodic income plans (monthly, quarterly and annually) with redemption options available on every business day.



Mr. Mustafa Kamal
Fund Manager
Askari Cash Fund

Mustafa Kamal has over nine years of diversified experience of money markets. He has been associated with the mutual fund industry since past 4 years and has worked at NAFA as an Assistant Fund Manager Fixed Income before joining Askari Investment Management. He is currently managing the fixed income investments for AIM including Askari Cash Fund.

Investment Committee Members:

Saqib Mukhtar   CEO
Mustafa Kamal   CIO / COO
Mustafa Iqbal   Head of Research
Adeel Shahid   CFO (Acting)
Sumaira Shoukat   Deputy Manager - Fixed Income

Minimum Investment   5,000.00
Sales Load   Nil
Management Fee   0.75%
Fund Stability Rating   AA+ by JCR-VIS
Management Co,Rating   AM3+ (Stable Outlook) by JCR-VIS 
Pricing Mechanism   Backward
Bench Mark   70% T-Bills + 30% Average 3-month deposit rate of at least 3 banks (AA rated and above)
Dealing day and cutoff times   Monday-Friday 9:00am to 10:00am

Fund type   Open-End
Category   Money Market Fund
Fund Launch Date   September 18th, 2009
Risk   Low
Trustee   Central Depository Company of Pakistan Ltd.(CDC)
Auditors   KPMG Taseer Hadi & Co.
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